Instacart Delivery Policy

Instacart Order, Delivery, and Storage Policy:

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-833-583-6423

1. If you are ordering in advance of your arrival, your Instacart delivery must arrive no sooner than the date in which you are checking into your suite. Deliveries should be scheduled for after 3pm on the day of your arrival.

2. Deliveries must include your name and the date of your arrival.

3. The name on your order should match the name on your reservation, and include your confirmation number in the notes so we can match it when your food is delivered.

4. If you do not arrive for your scheduled check-in date, the food will be thrown away.

5. All guests currently staying with us may order for same-day delivery.

6. While you are staying with us, if you do not claim your food on the same day it arrives, the food will be thrown away the following day.

7. All guests must pay for their Instacart services themselves through their own app.

8. NO ALCOHOL will be accepted. DO NOT include alcohol in your orders.

9. We are not responsible for the contents of your delivery or any spoilage, missing, or incorrect items. These issues must be handled between the guest and Instacart customer support.

10. Deliveries must be delivered to the front desk agent, unless room service is requested. (See #12)

11. We will do our best to appropriately store your delivery until you arrive. However, we cannot guarantee refrigeration.

12. We can put your delivery in your suite’s refrigerator upon its arrival and when your suite is ready for a fee of $20, payable upon checking in. Include this room service request in your delivery details.

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